George W. Bush and the $85.2 million ad campaign

28 January 2004   0 comments   Politics

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Fundraising, Bush takes the leadIn an article called Who Bankrolls Bush and his Democratic Rivals? The Center For Public Integrity writes about who adds to President Bush's presidential campaign. The winner is Enron. Remember them?

"While he was governor of Texas, Bush relied on Enron and its then-chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay for more than just campaign contributions. When Bush needed help launching his education plan, Lay, through the auspices of a quasi-official advisory group called the Governor's Business Council, pledged his support. When Bush wanted to start an internship program in the governor's office, Lay followed through with the funding. And when Lay wanted changes to tort, tax or environmental law, Bush returned the favours."

Raise your hand if you're an American and are going to vote for a bloke who is in cahoot with fraudsters.

Unsurprisingly, most other big contributors are large investment banks (Merril Lynch, Credit Suisse, UBS, Goldman Sachs) because "which favours privatization—and the millions of individual stock market accounts (and brokerage fees to administer them) that would be created"

Here's another interesting article about Dick Cheney.

The site does not only look bad for conservative candidates. There's also one on Senator John Kerry (who also has mugshots of many of his contributors) and some on Howard Dean too.


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