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27 January 2004   1 comment   Linux

Mind that age!

This blog post is 16 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

What I really miss about Jed (my favourite editor by far) is to be able to search many files with one single simple command. Currently, I have to exit Jed every time and use grep to do the search, then enter Jed again to redo the search on the file I found out about from grep.

Anyway, now I found this jed mode file. I haven't installed it yet but will shortly. It sets out to integrate the two.

"A jed fronted to the grep command. Start a search from within jed or from the command line and display the result nicely in a jed buffer. Jump to the findings pressing Enter or with double click. Copy, move or delete files. Replace text across the grep results."

grep is a open-source powerful tool for searching text files. (More about that on this FAQ).

jed is a multipurpose text editor built in the S-Lang language . It's very fast and works very similarly to emacs.


john maclean (jayeola)

Hey there Peter.

Is there a simple way to run something like s/^[a-f]/# within a buffer? This inserts a comment at the begining of the line where the letters a to f start the line.

With *ahem* vim one can run that over a selected region or an entire file with ease. I haven't got the hang of 'shell_cmd_on_region_or_buffer' yet.
- jm

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