Web Console trick to get all URLs into your clipboard

27 April 2017   0 comments   Web development, JavaScript

This isn't rocket science in the world of Web Development but I think it's so darn useful that if you've been unlucky to miss this, it's worth mentioning one more time.

Suppose you're on a site with lots of links. Like https://www.peterbe.com/plog.
And you want to get a list of all URLs that contain word "react" in the URL pathname.
And you want to get this into your clipboard.

Here's what you do:

  1. Open your browsers Web Console. In Firefox it's Alt+Cmd+K on OSX (or F12). In Chrome it's Alt+Cmd+J.

  2. Type in the magic: copy([...document.querySelectorAll('a')].map(a => a.href).filter(u => u.match(/react/i)))

  3. Hit Enter, go to a text editor and paste like regular.

It should look something like this:


Web Console in Firefox
The example is just that. An example. The cool thing about this is:

The limit is your imagination. You can also do things like copy([...document.querySelectorAll('a')].filter(a => a.textContent.match(/react/i)).map(a => a.href)) and you filter by the links' text.


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