React lifecycle hooks must-have

13 August 2017   1 comment   Web development, ReactJS, JavaScript

I don't know who made this flowchart originally, but whoever you are: Thank you!

At this point, in my React learning I think I've memorized much of this but it's taken me a lot of time and having to dig up the documentation again. (Also, not to mention the number of times I've typo'ed componentWillReciveProps and componentWillRecevieProps etc.)

Remember this; You don't need to know all of these by heart to be good at React. In fact, there's several of these that I almost never use.

React lifecycle hooks flowchart


The above link is dead. Use this blog post instead.

UPDATE April 2018

Here's an even better one from @dan_abramov:

React life-cycle hooks


Rodrigo García

Yeah! Dan Abramov's schema is way better and cristal clear! Thank you.

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