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Hi I'm looking for a song that goes like "rising up", and in another part it says "frozen skies"also in a part it says: "up to heaven" or something like that

Edward McLean

Rap song I can see thru you like a window B we can play this game out like Nintendo wii? Anyone know the artist or song

Anonymous man

Im looking for a song. old school 70's/80's type song that goes something like
"I can't help but wonder where?
you been before you came in my life
i can't help but stop and stare,"

can anyone help? and im so friggin annoyed that google hasnt picked it up! grhhh lol

Bill Katz

This is a female or a girl group very late 1950s or early 1960s. The girl sings something to the effect:

Do do do do do do do do do do do do do
.... Darling I want you to be true
Why haven’t I told you do do...

I can’t get any closer. But a cute little pop song. Almost think The Shrilles


Country song. Female singer.
Chorus - "Taking my life back
(And)Leaving you behind
Say I'm lost without you
But the truth is, I'm fine
Gather all the broken pieces
Take them with me 'cause I'll need them
Some place where you can't find me
Leaving all my cares behind me
Somewhere you can't hurt me anymore"


Im looking for a song I found it on youtube. But i dont know who the singer is. The singer sing fast..sounds like rap. The lyrics start like this:
Coming.......round round round
Aint no one want to talk me na na na
Coming back with the money on the bag
Roomies on my.....
.......when i was young i used to dream about the palm tree .....i got no sleep...supoposedly think about....


It's a song from NETFLIX movie Airplane Mode, when ana was getting ready to meet his blonde boyfriend , the song is like " and I can't sleep but I'm tired " and then has chill drop

Celestine Annette

I'm looking for a South African song....I can barely make out what they were was something like "ah ah ah akwana ikulu, akwana ikulu ah ah ah"


Hey I’m looking for a song I saw on a YouTube video the lyrics are “ thought I waited in the wrong line later I understood I wasn’t fine” thank you

De Fazeo

I’m lookin for a song it’s oldies but goodies the lyrics are “ could you ever possibly love me “ I can’t sleep help


Has anyone heard this??
“I’m so high
I can’t take these lies”
I’d assume that’s the chorus but I can’t find who it might be. Heard it on a Facebook live stream


I’m looking for a song the lyrics are “thought I waited in the wrong line “ Thank you


tittle of this corus?

"i stop fighting don't love you like i used to do. i quit climming don't love you like i used to why lyrics"




Martin Sanchez

Im looking for a pop song from 2015 or below Its a beat type ish song and goes “oh oh owoah oh oh I don’t care baby what they all they do is bring me down” those aren’t the exact lyrics but that’s what comes to mind


I'm looking for an acoustic guitar song that I know was at least popular in 2012. Contains some of the following lyrics
"she wakes up in the morning light, wipes the sleep from her eyes"
"can feel the the things I feel"
some variation of "my eyes" or "my heart is only for you"


Hey guys
I'm looking for a song from a male singer.
This is a few lyrics of song

"Right night right night i gonna give you display can you see it baby. he is my love he is my love you know need stop to you feel my love feel my love"

Please anyone know the name of the song or the name of the singer write to me here❤️🙏


it is a old song, not sure who sung it or the name.

but the part i recall goes like this.

take it easy, take it slow, like an omelette you just say wooh. add a little but not too much. (sadly i have not been able to find it using this) p.s i last heard from a game called resistance 2. however not able to find it on youtube.


maybe you could find the soundtrack


Looking for a song with these lines:
"So wasted, don´t know where we are, cuz I couldn´t keep my hands of the cookie jar"

Libe Vellasco

Hi. I found the song cause of you. Now, I'm trying to find the last guy that helped me to thank for it. I do not how to find his reply. How I do it?Tks.


Im looking for a song sung by a girl that goes like
"You're the type of guy that doesn't know what he's got until she goes" in more monotone then i think she sings don't let me go

Dim Avgeri

I heard a song inside of a car not sure about what i heard. And i need your help please :)

Its a dance song slow tempo with a nice summer atmosphere with bass and a woman singing something like in the chorus(a song reminds the kind of songs from 2010-2015 perhaps if it is not new:

 (yea) i can see you (above) behind, taking the dance...
Or i receive your love behind, taken the dance...
Or i can see your (a word) behind ,taking the dance

I hope someone will understand. Thanks a lot!


I can't help with your song, but usually, radio stations play over their songs a couple of times. Also, I'd suggest finding what genre the station is. I hope this helps!


Excellent! I looked a song for a long time. And you find it. Yesssss!


Hi guys ! I've been listening to the same song on the radio for 3 days, but I couldn't find it. I don't know which radio channel it is. The Shazam application could not find the song. A woman sings the song. Words such as "So underground but wasnt think it" "Now i cant carry on " I can't open my eyes " If anyone knows, please tell

Chantelle Anderson

Does anyone recognize these lyrics?

"I'm balling, I'm balling" or "i'm rolling, I'm rolling"
"i'm spending, I'm spending all my time on you"

Jim Treen

White Iverson by Post Malone !

Chantelle Anderson

You are the best THANK YOU! 🙏

Jim Treen

You’re welcome 😊


Hi guy, please I'm looking for a song, "I just wanna show you there is more to love

Paige B

Hi, I'm looking for a song I heard while gardening a few days ago from my dad's playlist. It was a male singer. I heard the live version, I think. The only lyrics I can remember are something like "I don't know what I see in you, I wonder if we'll be together forever" (maybe it was 'I wonder if I'll be with you forever" I'm not sure.) Those two lines were repeated a bunch of times at the end. I don't know what band it was, but it could be Coldplay or Counting Crows, because a lot of their songs are on my dad's playlist. If anyone can help, let me know! Thanks!

Paige B

My dad said the playlist we were listening to was Counting Crows Radio on Pandora.


Hello! I’m looking for a song that I heard in the gym. It has phrases like “the things you do”, “I need somebody, to keep me warm again, I need somebody, to keep me whole again” or something like that


Hi everyone I look for video clip looks like beetlejuice world, female singer I think there is something like ''in the dark'' lyrics repeatly. Look like 90 video clip but maybe from early 2000 ... can someone help me I never remember her name. THX !!


Not labouche is it sounds maybe it was


Thank for your answer unfortunately no.. The woman is white, with square shape hair. Voice tone as far as I remember looks like janis joplin.

Javier Rodríguez Azpe

a song of 1989 or 1990 , the lyric is like. ...if a had my way.. my tears my life today, and if you

Jon Watts

I heard a song on that was playing on Spotify. It was a Christian rap song and I really like it. The beginning went something like “ninety seven I’m gon get back to a legend, ain’t no more wishin......” the chorus went like, “twenty, twenty, I got, twenty,

Okechukwu Favour

Can someone remind who sang this song. "Never thought that you could love someone like me, you gave up your life for me... You even go on to call me your very own, I'm grateful for your love.


I'm looking for a song that the lyrics says " i just need somebody to looooooove " it's not the bieber's song. That song that i'm looking for is from a woman.


Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane perhaps?


there was this show on Oxygen Network a couple years ago and on the 17th season, there was a song that went "can't touch my town, everybody knows where it's going". the clip where it's used is on YouTube and is named "Bgc17 Cast Intros". please help!


Hi I am looking for a work out and training song. What I can understand that says is: "I put it on my name I put it on"
"now we go on way o" "i can hit his band like a very boss running to the money but the money is long unloved but i needed to become a on only feeling me a friend we dont kill it on" i put it on my name i put it on. It is very difficult to understand because I am not a native english
Hope you find it! Please I want it to listen every day to work out


I'm looking for a song that was played in an ABC ME ad for movie streaming. I think the lyrics are "We can fly. we can reach the highest high. ooh. ooh." Female singer, kind of a soft voice. I really need to find this song.


I'm looking for this song I heard, its sung by a guy, an r&b type of song, it ends with what it seems like a flute playing

I'm not sure with the lyrics (I just jot down what I heard)

what it's like..making me feel.. runaway from you from you from you..just hard in my head so.. is this goodbye is this goodnight..

I just want to have a good time ... if its not the right time..

is this goodbye is this goodnight..this is just fine


" you cannot hide so you better stay " and " there is no happy ending " or something like this and the singer is female please help me find this song


I'm looking for a song that goes like " look at me baabyy i'm gonna make you feel alright " it's an r'n'b type of song , male singer , I guess it's a band


i am looking for this old christian song with lyrics, ...your're worthy my father to receive my praises and i will love you forever Lord i give my all to you


Looking for a song I heard on the gym a couple months ago, early 2020. It was an EDM-song with a woman singing very loud and long in the end of the chorus.

Didn't snap up much lyrics unfortunately, think there she sang "It'll be alright" somewhere in the chorus but I'm not sure.

If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about I'll be grateful if you could reply with the song you think I mean.

Shiann j

Hi I’m looking for a song’ “ lady tell me you love me now so I make it somehow through the day”


Years ago there was a song used by Sky Sports which sounded a bit like Iggy Pop, and included the lyric 'It's always there when I need it / I got the need, gonna feed it'. I've since listened to lots of Iggy Pop and don't think it's him, and amazingly considering it was used with quite a high profile on Sky Sports I've never been able to track the song down. Any ideas?'s%20always%20there%20when%20I%20need%20it%20I%20got%20the%20need

Alaina S

I heard this song on the radio a bunch of years ago and I've been looking for it ever since. I don't remember a lot of lyrics to it though. The only lyrics I remember from it is "You must be (oh, oh, oh) lyin". Even then I'm not even sure if that's correct, but thats what it sounded like. I also remember that it was a female singer. Any help finding this song is appreciated.

Jose Santos

I'm looking for a lofi song that has a soundclip that goes something like "how do you want to be remembered?" "well i want to be remembered as someone who cared for his friends and family alot and i think that is about it." then it cycles through what a bunch of people would want to be remembered as.

Sara C

I heard this song today and it says something about liking the girl with her mascara/makeup running down her face? “you look the best when/with your mascara running? it sounded like a male group kinda punkish lol like it could be in a 2000s teen movie

Christina Oneil

Goes something like this its old 60's or 70's song
So please tell me what to do because Im still in love with you


Looking for a song with a male singer and I believe "and we all had a real good time". "Real good time" being sung at the same, low note. It's sort of meloncholy song if I remember.

Morgan Colv

System of a Down BYOB?

Andrena Hughes

Looking for w sing that was actually an advert I think for jeans. The guy jumped in and out of a few swimming pools and I think the words were “it’s all about the boy”


I am looking for a song, I think its from early 2010s. Female leadsinger and I think the groupname is something with 3 digits in it. The song is quiet and her voice is a little light. Some of the werse goes, "Thought that we never grow old" - I think. O have had this melody on my brain for 2 weeks now and am going crazy. I tried SoundHound etc. but however it sounds in my head, do not compute with me putting something out the apps can recognize :)

Adél Olivier

Hi everyone... I have been searching for a song for years. My mother had it on a mixed tape and we converted it to a disc but it's not complete. I think it was a radio hit between 1993 and 1998 if I have to guess. The lyrics are as follows "Hey Mr Dj" "there's always room for another love song on the radio" "I don't care if it doesn't make the top of the charts as long as it finds a place in his heart". It is sung by a women and she has a sweet pop voice. Hope somebody can help, because not even Shazam knows this one...


pleas help me find this song , a girl was singing it
"girl you make it easy like 123 she dont wanna know know know she is on the go go go, see her rocking those ripped off jeans like the cover of magazine oh she

amy j

can you help me , i am looking for a song that my brother and i listened to in 1970 -1980 and the only thing i remeber is the word a pocus , I know it was sung by a black singer .

Temitope Demilade

I'm looking for a song but i don't know the lyrics or anything.....The sang the song while advertise the Nollywood English movie that seems not to be out yet *Miracle* how can i get it


I'm looking for a song in the series " The brightest star in the sky " it's at ep : 9 timed 32:10 .

Braden Bankston

They said I'm too old I wouldnt be missed . (Old country)

Mr. P.

I'm looking for a reggae song. a part of the song said something like:

"Yeah I came this song to you oh beautiful people, oh beautiful people, come and sing along yeah"

 I’d really appreciate if someone could help me find the name of this song!


im looking for a rock song i only know the part thats like "she got me singing like oh oh oh" idk what song it would be


Can anyone please help me? The beat is same as that of Kota The Friend - Birdie, but the lyrics go like this -

I was all about you thought we had it going we're on the spot baby we were glowing didn't give a damn no one know where we were going our time together is surely coming up to a close it's gonna be hard to know you're not the one i'm holding but imma keep the main head up and imma start the whole thing too young to know what love is but i know my heart is broken baby you don't even know it but your loving was my potion


Can you Guys PLEASE help? This song got the same beat as that of Kota The Friend - Birdie, but the lyrics went like this--

i was all about you thought we had it going we're on the spot baby we were glowing didn't give a damn no one know where we were going our time together is surely coming up to a close it's gonna be hard to know you're not the one i'm holding but imma keep the main head up and imma start the whole thing too young to know what love is but i know my heart is broken baby you don't even know it but your loving was my potion

Vanessa P

Hi you guys tryin to find a sad song sung by a guy with lyrics that go “im alive thats all that i can say, out of breath but i still see your face”

Kristian Lindqvist

Im looking for a song that was on paradise hotel sweden 2018. It goes something like this "Let me wipe those tears feom your eyes, let it go
so we can go up and down, we can go round and round
but at the end of the day were gonna to walk away so baby lets go lets take
and no one will ever know so baby lets go"

It is played on the third episode at 3 minutes about


I'm looking for a song about a man and woman and they say they got married and where they used to live or something please help I can't remember it.


Hi, i been searching for a song for years now. I think its from the 90's. It got a 'melani C - never be the same again' vibe.
I dont know the lyrics but i think its something like: its about love, its about trust, and ive heard it all before, feels like familyyyyyy. Or she says so manyyyyyy.
That last word is extended. I hope somebody can help me with this very bad explenation.

Brian P.

My wife is looking for a song and I can't find it on
The song would be from the 60's as has the words:
"So put away your gun and go buy her a wedding gown
And we''ll right the wrong that we've done, Mr. brown, Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown, I've got a lot in common with you
You love your daughter and I love her too."


Hi, I need some help with the name of this song that goes more or less like that:
join me to the day because i know the answer is yes
join me to the day because i know we'll need a rest

The refrain goes la la lala lala la la lala lala
It is sung by a male, in the background is the main musical instrument the piano.


hi everyone can someone help me with this song? i can't find it anywhere. it's like a music-on-hold type.
the lyrics are
"here we go, i remember all the things you said, and i need you as a friend, today..."
in the chorus sounds like
"would you be my friend now? here we go. you always lift me up"

i freaking out not knowing where this song is and who wrote it.


Do you know that song?
Its something like:
"She is like cold water, you feeling down in your bones, she is a wild walker"


does anyone know this song i only remember only line with is don't answer with that thing in your chest

Arvin Phillip R. Almonina

Hi people, need help, anyone here know's the music background of the Ford FX4 advertisement?

Al miah

Im looking for a song. Dont know the exact words but the chorus is something like " we about to turn up oh ohhh ohh..." theres also a part with " in my cabriolet"


Hi, i been searching for a song for years. It goes something like this
"Calling from a past you can't bear, maybe in the future we will stop and stare. Calling from the past, understood at last, understood at last

Unknown 😶

The lyrics of the song goes like please don't joke with my emotions now...... Last night called your phone said I'm not your own

Bello Ahmed

Can someone help, the song sounds like this, stay to the break of dawn .... I look at you .... you begin to touch but I didn't get it? Kind of 80's or 90's


I'm looking for the song on Love Island Australia, season 2 ep. 25 at the end. It is sung by a woman and it goes something along the lines of:
"We were staring up at the stars, and talking about the... How beautiful at that you are, and it took forever, but now I know better, exactly what I want..."

Nicola T

I’m looking for a song, female artist first lines sound like they’re from a requiem mass, it’s a slow song. May have the words cry in silence? I thought it was basement jaxx but can’t find it. It’s driving me mad


So I don’t really remember any of this lyrics from this song, but I’m trying really hard to. I think it might have been a song about God, something about raising up, cages and being so much more (or brighter?) than I.. I can really remember

Chantelle Anderson

You Say by Lauren Daigle. That comes to mind..

Jenny N

Looking for song, i think has the lyrics “make it make sense... but now i’m not obssesed” r&b song, i’m convinced it’s by the singer H.E.R but I can’t find it anywhere. Pleaseeee help😭


I am looking for a song with lyrics similar to this: "you are not my darling … that is all you get from me." Could someone please help me.


i'm looking for a song, i heard it on an ad and it was relateable with what i have been dealing with these days... the lyrics go like:

cause these nightmares they're creeping, they're running faster than i can see, they're flashing like lightning


I’m looking for a song with a intro of a interview of kids, and the interviewer ask, what do you want to be when you grow up, and one kid says a police officer, one kid says a astronaut and the last kid says, I just want to be alive. I believe it’s a rap song but I cannot find it.

Lee Lee

Looking for a song with a interview in the beginning, it goes like, interviewer asks, what do you want to be when you grow up? First kid responds like I want to be a police man, the next kids says like a doctor, the next one says, a astronaut, and the last one says I just want to e alive. Thanks if you can help, even if you took you time and read this, thank you.

Sky Dayas Tokoto

I’m looking for a song that says “I don’t even know where to start, I got the love from you”


I'm looking for this metalcore song that has the vocalist singing "goodbye" and "tomorrow seems like yesterday" and the screaming part sounds like "it's like a p***y stuck in something something"


Hello im looking for a song that ive heard before. It goes something like this "are we at the end or are we at the start". Its a male vocalist,not sure who but the voice sounds familiar


I'm looking for a song...which the lyrics goes like this...*first time I saw you on the street,you looked at me so warm and sweet*


The lyrics goes: “out here with the squad, everybody tryna go, hit a party jumping off, ain’t we putting on a ...”
But I don’t know what’s the song is called, can someone help me please


Dazy chain where I wanna be

Anonymous me

HELLOS.... Um looking for a song and it's an original sound track for BIOLOGICAL CLOCK 2018 NIGERIAN MOVIE .(main actor was Ruth Kadiri.


Looking for a song I heard playing on the radio in a store today. It was a popish song with a female singer that went "pillow for your head" do do do do do do do do and was sort of drifty.

Noah ark

I need help finding a song I listened to around 7 years ago I saw it on YouTube it was a animated video for the legit music video had people wearing masks and a guy fall in love with a girl just for her to jump off a cliff. The only lyrics I remember are "oh how easy do they fall, one by one and don't forget" then later he sings " your blood all across the floor" its kinda a soft rock song


I've been trying to find this song for years now and my search has fruitless. I heard it back in 2013-2015 during my dance class. It's very R&B/Soul sounding and I only remember these lyrics (might be wrong):

You've got it bad, bad, baby
I wanna see you dance with me (dance with me, I wanna see you dance with me)


I'm looking for a song from the 80's. A female singer. To the tune of michael Jackson's thriller. Lyrics went something like. .. I'm alone in my bed and the noise is really starting to amplify whispers getting louder .. your love protects me from all evil our there... please help I've tried every record shop in herts


I am looking for a song I heard in 2006 in JC Penny by a man and a woman singer. It sounds like an 80s pop song. I remember the woman sing a part that goes like this "Must be the land of make believe, cause I'm waiting too long".


I'm looking for a song that goes like, I dont know what it is that makes me fel like this


I really need this song back in my life asap, the lyrics go (I believe):

"Oh I'm not the one you've been waiting for
It's there in your eyes and I know you're trying to hold on
It was just a matter of time"
Or something rather from memory, I hope some one can help me.

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