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Im looking for a song the singer is bald and has black beard his voice is soft the white dancers dance slowly i cant find it its probably for 2009 or 2010


I'm looking for a song I heard it in one of those bass song packs not sure if it was got160s or djjd... the chours just pretty much goes like ooh, ooh, ooooooh, ooh ooh oo oo ooh ohh, then the verse starts like... Sheeeeeeeeeee ain't got nothing on me. the song is fire i just cant find it. hopefully someone can pick up what im trying to explain


Could it be nothin on me by Toni romiti




Looking for a song wich has "I won't get your love", is a lyric video which has in it a asian girl and a boy and the song is about exposing your love to your crush.


Anyone heard this? Have most of the lyrics but no luck finding this song, been more than 2 years :(
Female solo, guitar in the back.

And you were there to hold my hand when I tried to walk
And you were there to show me the way when I was hopelessly lost
And you said nothing matters more than that I believe in myself
And you were there to push me till I was giving it all my best

I could tell you a million lies and you would understand why
And you don't want the little things that I tried to hack (not sure of last word)
You wouldn't say you would till I broke down and cried
And then you hold me and tell me that everything's gonna be alright

And I could wish for nothing more than so much love
And I could wish for nothing more than so much love
And I could wish for nothing more than so much love
And I could wish for nothing more ...


i'm looking for a song that has the line 'knowing she won't ever be me' at the end of either the first or second verse. might be a p!nk or kelly clarkson song from the late 2000s to early 2010's. definitely a female artist though


Looking for a song that I can remember a few lines of but nothings coming up:

And I've been, waiting, while you've been, changing...…...

and after all this time...………..

somehow I still love you.


Hello. I am looking for a song where the boy likes a deaf girl. He meets her at the bus station. I think is from greek dj.

Jhon rafael bernardo

Whats the song it has the lyrics like
"ohh the future is gonna be, a newest day for you and me. At least at least"
Something like that? I really need to know it cus its stuck in my head


Please I need the song stay with me tonight don't leave me baby

James Miller

I am looking for a song i heard on spotify under my discovery weekly but i can no longer find it. All i can remember is that it was a fairly melodic song and the chorus went something like this." Too much drugs got me singing now... double double... im in trouble trouble." and it would repeat that verse twice i think. and right after the male artist would sing. " Thinking loud.. taking the scenic route" i think those were the lyrics i could be wrong though


I have trouble finding this song. I think it’s pop and that I mostly remember these parts of the lyrics that probably stand out most in the song(not sure if that their correct, but) that go like “when you look at me” with a kind of loud male sounding chorus. I mostly remember a portion of it in rhythm.
I’ve tried using those lyrics to search it, but no good and a majority of result are with female artists.

Bre Jackson

Looking for a song that came pre-loaded on some early age smart phone I got. All I can remember is something along the lines of "find another way to say I love you" sounded similar to hellogoodbye in my opinion. I've searched for ages to find it but no luck.


this song (i can't forget what you did, the way you act don't talk me back just go go go>>>)
Who knows the name of the song
it is in the 1:05?


Looking for this one song and I remember some of the lyrics:

"I'll bleed black and blue for your heartstrings"

"High in the fiield with nothing since the same"

"Your charged away through the ..."

"Running away"

Lyrics could be a little wrong but I also remember a guitar, drum, and piano being played too?

Seann McInerney

Anyone know the song that played on the credits to Gary Gulman's special "The Great Depresh"?

Adam Wander

I was looking too and just found it. It's Somedays by Andy Frasco & the U.N.

Brenda Bunch

I'm searching for a song, It's an old song that was sung by graduates year 1993 but I think the song is even older than that year. The lyrics go like this.

I can do all things
I can do all things
I can really do all things
through Christ who strengthens me
I can climb the highest mountain
I can swim the deepest sea

Pharrel Ansah

HELP! I'm looking for a song goes like, the power of love of course from earth first.

Amy s

The power of love gabrielle aplin

Griffin Lama

I am looking for a rap song I used to hear in the early 90s. The 3rd verse is something like this..."So we turned on the JVC to watch a little jeopardy, I asked her if she liked me and she said most definitely.....I had it so easy, the girl wants to please me, she knows who I'm gonna be and tried to tease me.....time we spent talking about her carrier, yes she also wanted money, but I didn't have that yet, I gotta bring the Mack to my back before I came to a solution though I didn't want to rush this, I loosened her dress and started doing my many other guys got their occasion, get out of here before I get very offended, my story ended, but her's just..." I just remember little bits of line from here and there. Please help

jin roxy

Looking for a song with lyrics "green shirt" and "one size bigger" was played as a background of a movie ending scene where the character was driving away as the music start playing

Vicky Alonso

Looking for country song from 70s. Starts out, They say you found another, someone you care for more than me. Chorus goes, Before you Close the door, darling let me hold you. And if you can find a little feeling, hold me too. I'm not too proud to say please, and I'll even get down on my knees, if you'll love me one more time before you close the door. I love this song but don't remember who sang it. He had a beautiful smooth voice though.


There is this old pop song maybe close to the 2000s that I think has a male chorus singing “when you look at me” and may also “crazy”(though not sure on that one).

Summer Keifrider

Help! For the past two days there's this song that plays at work on a Pandora mix channel. I can barely hear it but it's from a male singer, almost sounds like hoizer maybe? There's a rap bit in there, another male singer. The beginning of the chorus sounds like "...hero now" or " right now" or something like that.

Malony Mahony

I‘m searching an older rock/metal so song that had a high pitched male voice at the beginning singing like „ ah aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa“ and then kinda whispering till the drums and guitar kick in and he starts to scream , i dunno any lyrics

Ben Dover

looking for a song that goes
"for a moment I ....."
or at least that's what I remember.

it seemed old and sorta reminded me of Billy Joel. The song wasn't Christian or anything had a semi sad vibe to it tho
pls help me out
thank you


Am looking for dj music song start with cool piono song like your all my anna mountain in my dreams so keep my heart is breaking make me belive.can any one no plz tell me


theres this song i heard its some kind of uplifted reggae, and it the chorus is something like .... nana naaa ''something like :stranded on the shooore''

 this is the/a life for me

tx in advance

Jordan mckay

I’m looking for a song that I think was popular somewhere between 2000 and 2008. It’s a pop song by a female artist and I don’t remember exactly but I think the lyrics are something like “I’m not the one (sentence I can’t remember) has just begun” again I’m really not even sure those are the right lyrics. I thought it could be by Gwen Stefani but I just searched all of her songs

Andrea Cullen

Im looking for a song. I liestened in "hot girls wanted" and its in the scene when stella may says its their song when she´s with her boyfriend at her room and plays it on her phone? I can't understand a word of the song.

Luke Garcia

Hey guys, im looking for a song that goes, “Told that bitch you should go, i dont want you anymore, i might drown..., fuck im mad i cant slow, no you..., pray for death i feel close, no you left cause im...,” those are part of the lyrics I could remember. Its not really that known of a song, but if someone finds it out, thanks!!

Luke Garcia

Forgot to say its rap haha


Anyone know the name of the band and song in the background, at the beginning of this YouTube video? Please and Thank You.


I'm looking for a 90s R&B song released around the same time as xscape just kickin it, chorus goes something
 "you and me baby we got it all to come it's got to be so natural"


So I heard this song that was on the Spotify “workout” playlist today (the one where the girl holds the yellow Swiss ball).

It has a guy and girl singing and the girl says something on the lines of “boy don’t you ever stop getting me back to” and some “woah ohhhh” in it?

Thanks guys.


I've been searching this song that i heard from the radio. The lyric that i heard is something like " I love you but you ... Me ..., and you ... ... ..." the singer was a male with a soft voice and already a mature. I hope i'll find this song and also i need your help. Thx

From The Beast(or Biseuteo) 2019 (Korean Movie)

i'm looking for a song from the lyrics
 "like i was love you why can't we start again"
 "oh how i miss you, if i could just kiss you now"
"todays the beginning ................... wedding,why can't we start again"
 a melody of the song may be jazz or something like that pls help me
thx you so much

Chelsea Rodrigue

I'm looking for a song from a metal/rock band with lead female, starts something like "I think I really really need to get fucked up!"


It's a metal/rock band song with lead female vocals, the lyrics go something like "I think I really really need to get FUCKED UP!" and another part is "your heart is beating fast now slow it down!" Idk any help would be greatly appreciated


Im looking for a song that sounds similar to the song ride it by Jay Sean but the singer sounds more like massari idk. The only lyrics i remember is "don't let them go" or sth like that. It sounds like a love song, so romantic


I'm look for a song it's sounds like edm and it goes: s*x drugs walking rape f*ck em all and let's get high.
Anyone know what it is?


GUYS PLEASE HELP ME. I’m looking for a song that goes like “now you’ve grown out of a place where people like me fall on their face, but now..” I literally cannot get it out of my head but i can’t remember ugh! help!


please help me find this song! the lyrics go like “now you’ve grown out of a place where people like me fall on their face, but now...” i can’t get it out of my head


It’s a song about driving to going somewhere and I can’t get it down! Its says “I got...” then the beat after it is dun dun dun. It’s about driving and it’s a newer song


It’s also a guy singing it!


I work at a CVS and they always play a song that sounds like a Shawn Mendes type song. The only line I know is “and I’m hoping that you’ll keep me alive”.

Que es el songo

Looking for a song, male singer, almost hipster-ish. Some lyrics were "I'll be lovin you with all my heart..." then a pause, then "till you said you were gonna break. Did you say that you would break"

Help pls

Male singer, some lyrics were (softly)"I'll be loving you with all my heart" and " till you said that you would break, did you say that you would break". I think it came out around 2008-2012


Please, help to find a song. The lyrics I remember is "what's right what's wrong". The genre is electronic and it sung by a man and woman.

James Harvey

Like a techno mix song , hot headed .... - - - , do as I say so , eh yeah — —- , when I walk . Or something like that I dunno.


Hi im looking for the name of the song and the person who sing it.

I only know a few words to the song. Its a old song.

"Your my girl of the year everyday of my life. I woudnt give you up for all the gold in the word"


Hey guys I'm looking for this song i heard over the radio. It goes something like "Week, week. Weekend~" It's a female voice, almost sounded like Halsey.


The new Halsey & Weeknd song?


Hey Guys, im looking for a song but I Only know a little bit of the lyrics it Goes like “we never loved to feel apart but .......”
can Anyone help?


I’m looking for a song:

“can you tell me if we ever be together cause i don't know, i don't know what you want, oh no no i dont.
Could this last forever..”

Danny Matteo

any of you know a song that goes like
I can't get enough, tell me that you feel the magic in us, stronger and stronger it's in your touch. I dont ask much *something inaudible*
 Bridge: (Can you feel it coming? can you feel it coming? can you feel it? can you hear that sound in your heart so loud?) x2
Chorus: It's all for you and days like these never forget what you mean to me

And that is all i heard then song faded away :(

prince Apple

I think, tell me more, a song which is slow and love melodies, it is old song by Africans , the video they was on stage , that musician I think he come from Nigeria, Ghana , south Africa


A song my teacher song don't know the name its slow and it goes 'whoa I know im not alone' any one have a clue


Sung sorry my teacher sung


looking for a song by a female country singer, I believe it's a pretty new song and new voice, and the only line I know is "I say I love you I can't say she doesn't" or something very similar to that


Hello everyone,
I got Joda - Worakls Remix stuck in my Head. Listening in infinite loops. Only thing is, the vocals remind me of some song I heard in my Childhood.
If maybe someone of you got a Idea what it could be, I´d love to hear

Akujieze chinonso livinus

I'm searching for a one time Nigeria best song, the song goes like this,,,, I'm in love with two women I don't no which one to choose


Hey guys, I'm searching a song that the video is a kid song in the school in the theater and the lyrics said something like "took me in your arms of...." "Accepted accepted accepted"

Zarko Vukovic

Hello guys im looking for a song i listened to in 2010-2011 about a boy who left home, i remember some lyrics like "my father is a bastard " and something like coming home to see his girl and his mother .. im sorry i cant remember more but was 8-9 years ago and would really apreciate if someone could give me any hint about a song ..


Looking for a song but don't think anyone will be able to help...
I don't know what the lyrics are but it sounds like 'body and a bang though' it's a rap/hip hop song I think.
Any ideas?😂


People, it is a dance music from 2000-2004 , it is a female singer the and says " I dont mind, I dont mind, all we are saying..." did someone get it?


Some rap song with these lyrics in it:
you told me i wasn't enough i wanted your love you wanted to fuck
you told me you would call me but all you do is say


Jacquees B.E.D


It's not that:( the lyrics were like that:
 You told me i wasn't enough i wanted your love you wanted to fuck
You wanted the money now i want the drugs
I'm gettin this money it's all about time you look at my eyes and then you go blind
You told me you will call me but all you do is say


Unfortunately it's not that one


OMG, i have these lyrics stuck in my head for 2 days!!! I need to know the song!!!


Really want to know the title of a funny song about history, where everything it says is wrong. Part of the chorus goes,
"History, it's so mystery,"
Short, but its the only part of the chorus I can really remember.

Jes K

I'm looking for a song, kind of rockish genre,(beginning has rain and weather sounds I think) with the lyrics: oh my lord if you can hear its a sound that you hear and it's coming your way yes i gather.


Hey I’m looking for a song it’s and old chill song by a male possibility a male group I got the lyrics mixed up but it possibly say “ who can make me love” or “who can make sweet love”

Amelia Vaugier

Anyone know a dance/techno song that goes something like: hold on & don’t let go, there’s something you should know. Take my hand and hold it high, and never be apart.... thanks


im searching a song that said:
"i got a million different thoughts about you an d i like you more the most
its a little bit complex, sure"

pllssss i wanna now the name, shazam don't recognize the song ;^; i have the link of a video where the song appeared if is necessary

Prefer not to say.

I have this song in my head that is alternative rock. It might be from Shawn white snowboarding Xbox 360. The only lyrics I can remember are “everybody it’s a code red, code red” right before the chorus.


Im looking for a song that is auto tuned"wake up wake ........then somwhere in the chorus it goes like this "you calling my phoneeee" its stuck in my head


I’m looking for the song that started playing in season 6 episode 4 of New Girl when Nick and Winston are in the subway and it goes in slow motion when Nick tries to jump all the crap they piled up. The lyrics sound like, “let this be a moment...the moment you shine...cause you can do anything”. Any input would be awesome!! Thanks!!


I'm looking for a song that's sort of indie and electronic, and the only lyrics i remember are "who do you love" which makes the search pretty hard. It's somewhere in the same genre of Shura or Alpine, and would fit in like an mtv young adult show (such as Faking It, or South of Nowhere if it were more modern).. so that type of indie?


could be who do you love by the chainsmokers and 5sos


its a female voice, and its at least a few years old i remember listening to it in like 2017


I’m looking for a song and some of its lyrics going like this “ got me in the city if you need me I’m around yeah I’m the man of my town”


Ya'll I'm looking for this classic song. I'm positive that it's an 80s song though I might be wrong. Chorus kinda goes like this (correct me if I'm wrong): "Baby I want you.. I really need you" the beat goes "tun dududu duntun"


Hi guys,
I'm looking for a song that I heard/saw the video maybe 10 years ago on mtv or so. I don't remember any lyrics but it was super catchy. I remember part of the music video tho. It was shot in a dancing/industrial hall, and there was a male dancer (fully dressed in tight 80s aerobic outfit) with long hair. And I think he was maybe also the lead singer. He was dancing through this hall, jumping around... and he could sing very high and a little Freddy Mercuryish. It all looked very 80ish, but I'm pretty sure it was not from the 80s. Maybe someone remembers this. Thanks everyone ;)


Is it possibly Bad by Michael Jackson? That’s what it sounds like


Nvm I didn’t read the “80s aerobic outfit” part


No, it's not Michael Jackson, But thanks :-)
I'm Pretty sure, it was not originally from the 80s, but set to look like an 80s Video. The guy was dancing a Little like in the Flash Dance movie. he was White, had Long Brown/red hair. And he had a high pitched voice, the Bridge was very catchy. I don't remember any words...


Am looking for an old blues...

I don't know why, I love you so much

The video was shot beside a river or beach ...pls help.with the name of the song


mmmhhh… Sounds a Little like "Norah Jones- Don't know why", I think she is also Walking by the beach.
OR: "Otis Reddding -sitting at the dock of the Bay"
Others: "Blues Busters-I don't know" that's very old
Blues Brothers-I don't know ;)
Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - I don't know


Hello everyone. Please help! Iheard this song on a radio one year ago and never found out what its called, ive been trying to find it since then! A strong female vocal is singing something like ''Sister keep on running, brother keep on gotta hold it up(or on) ". Something like this....


I'm looking for a song and all I can remember is that it was sang by a guy and one of the lyrics was something like 'this is what it looks like when good girls cry'. I think it was either rock or alternative, but I'm not sure.

Hazza Styles

If its a song by a girl,thats pretty much big girls cry by sia

Rosie Jones

Looking for a song, male singer, indie/folk style. Has a lyric that says “I got a girl in California who says she’s carrying my child. I’m not too sure so I only think of her every once in a while.”
Chorus is “every once in a while”
Song title probably something to do with “every once in a while” but I don’t know the singer name.
It’s NOT the Blackhawk song


trying to remember this 90s dance song, though i probably got the lyrics wrong..

Female voice, goes like this: da da da da da dumm x3 (happy birthday?) you gotta check it before you..

i know it’s not much to go by. it used to be fairly popular though.

Hazza Styles

I dont know the lyrics exactly but i can describe the video quite well..
its a 2014 song released along with iggy azalea's fancy...The video has a party of girls going on and a cakefight..In the beginning of the video a girl holds a green jelly cake in her hand and opens the door to let her friends in..
please help ...I would be really thankful...I will provide additional informations if u want

Riccardo Giorgi

I'm looking for a semi-recent pop song (early late 00s early 10s) where singer is a girl and the chorus says "If you really really love me (maybe it's want me?) baby come and show me, woooh oh oh ohhhh". It's got a pretty fast tempo and sounds summery. It's stuck in my head and can't find anything online :/


Hello! I need your help, please. I hear a boy playing the guitar while singing this song. I wasn't able to catch every words... "from hello... show me the way... all here... there saying... other... that you love me". Thanks so much


Ah please help! I used to listen to this song 10+ years ago. I found it on LimeWire when searching for songs by Shane West's band "Jonny Was," however this song was not actually sung by them.

The lyrics that I remember go as follows:
"Took a little time too find out
Just thought maybe you should know, I'm
the same old boy, Small Town Romeo"

I believe it was called "Small Town Romeo," but I can find no trace of it online


Does anybody know this songs which goes like:

I' m losing my mind, feeling your eyes don't miss a beat, feeling your eyes don't miss a beat,
I don't wanna wait for the sun - come on, I don't wanna talk already know you're my number one
can't take you off my brain it's like ooh na na baby ooh na na
you make me go insane, I'm gonna back it up on you, can't take you off my brain bring the body out my way


Looking for the same Song. Have you found it yet?

Fernanda A

Hey guys I'm searching a song:
I don't wanna talk i already know you're my number one Feeling your eyes don‘t miss a beat I don‘t wanna wait for the sun - come on Can‘t take you off my brain - it‘s like ooh-na-na, baby, ooh, na-na You make me go insane I‘m gonna back it up Can‘t take you off my brain Bring the body out

Syed Adnan

I am Looking For a song. it's a flower picture lyrics song. ha hoo ha into my heart.


Looking for a song that goes like "cause you're one in a million, surely the one, just want everything to go back to the way it was"
The lyrics might not be spot on

Hope brown

Hi i'm trying to find a song the lyrics go way way where way where all day if you down like it on nijah finsta page.

Leah minae

I need help finding this song its not on YouTube anymore and I can't get it out my head help me find the song.

"I'm like what this bitch want,she want her nails did new shoes new purse and her hair did"

Ankita Aggarwal

I’m looking for a song... hand in hand, make a chain, hold it tight, we are the part of a team, anytime anywhere....


Looking for the lyrics for 100 children sang me a song I think sang by KAMAL thankyou


Hello! I need your help, please. I have listened to a boy playing the guitar while singing this song. I wasn't able to catch every single word... "from hello... show me the way... all here... there saying... other... that you love me". It was a fast tempo. I know there are very little info, but please... It's very important for me
Thanks so much

Gabriel rivas

I’m looking for a rap song that goes like ‘’ Ayy, count it up lil bitch, how you say you getting money but you broke little bitch, never show and tell lil bitch.

Bassey Favour

pls, I've been searching for a song that goes like this 'i love to hear you cry, but I don't know what to do (holla holla),so I'm leaving all to you
don't know if I got the lyrics tho... thanks


I am looking for a song part of the lyrics of which are 'they don't hear what I say' (I heard only the last 30-40 sec of the song and those words were repeated a couple of times before the song ended), the lyrics are sung by a male - he sang that lyrics like every 10 sec while the melody was constantly played, it's rather fast, an electronic piano is played (not sure, though as it was kinda childishly made...only 4-5 notes were repeated), and it's a quite dance song...I guess it's a famous song as I have heard it before as well but didn't draw my attention that much...thanks in advance


Hey guys and girls, if anyone of you knows the song that goes (sort of, dont know if it's entirely correct) like this: "something is missing out, dadadada to your house dadaa", it would be totally awesome.
It's a relatively high voice and sung by a man. I think it's the chorus of a rap song but I'm not entirely sure

Lisa P

I'm trying to find a song that was just used in Shane Dawson's video The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star. It plays towards the end and mostly during the dedication to Jeffree's dogs. Please help! Some of the lyrics are "You, you," then high pitch sounds, not sure what theyre saying, then "I need you more. You"

Marlene and Robert Henricksen

I am looking for a song sung at our wedding 54 years ago this oct. 9th. I don't know the title, just some lyrics. Come take me dear and stand beside me, thou art the one that my heart has chosen..................


I keep hearing this song when I work at staples. Its a pop and edm styled type of song with a woman that sings these lyrics in the song "you broke my heart in two..." with a dubsmash in the background. I need to know this song!


Trying to find this song
"I know, I know, I know
But you and I
We come and go, we come and go"
It's like soft rock, really soothing and chill. Stuck in my head. Please help. Thanks in advance


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Does anyone know this song, only lyrics to the song that I can remember is:

 'too soon to fall together, your hearts too big and your beds too small, your bound to hit the ground whenever you fall"

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