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Can someone help me with these lyrics not sure if they are right,
oh its a sunny day,
I'm standing in the rain ,
something something,
you know what I mean.
sung by a man ,not too deep voice and its pretty famous


Jukebox Hero?


I’m looking for a song I can’t really remember the lyrics but it was something like

Take me everywhere to the promise land

I really have no idea but it definitely had the words promise land or promised land in it
It had kind of an eerie tone but also calming, and it sounded sort of robotic but not at the same time
I think it was a girl singing
I honestly can’t remember but it’s bothered me for ages
It’s possible I just made it up in my head lol


I'm looking for a song that goes like I'm made for this there's no denying and it is like the superbass background music.


im looking for a song that i thought was black eyed peas but its not.

in the chorus a girl sing something like:
get you back,
then some will i am voice goes: g-g-g-et you back.

not sure if lyrics is correct and its a slow song

Kb Sanchez

Hey yall im lookin for dat song i think it was popular back in 2009-2011
Its a reggae song i think it sounds like for a country but it has fun sounds please help! Thanks!


rude- magic!(?)

I thought we'd reached a higher place
but now I wish I listen to my soul
I don't want to drop it all...
SoI held it on my ... shake
I hope you think about the things that you did
I gave it everything until my heart break
But you always take
you always take
From me
And I try my best
To honestly believe
That maybe you change
Maybe you try
To be something different
But that was a lie
It's over now so watch me as I go
Cause I was better on my own


I am looking for a song with lyrics
"sing sing another song sing along and let the music take control"
Between 1984 and 1986


sing by pentitonix


the Carpenters- Sing a song?

Mark Stepan

I am trying to get the name of the song at 5:30 on this video, any help is appreciated thankssssss


I need HELP! I heard a song by Ingrid Michaelson called When The Leaves and the opening few seconds reminded me of another song but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.
I’ve asked everyone and they all know what I’m on about but also can’t get it.

These aren’t the exact lyrics because I can’t remember them but....

‘When I’m on my knees
And I can’t go on
Will you stay with me
Something something something’

Maybe also...

‘And the answers are all that I have’
Duh duh dudu duh duuh duh duh duh

This is as good as I can do with the tune...

Duh duh duuuh duuh duh
Duh duh duuuh dududu duh
Duh duh duuuh duuh duh
Duuuh duh duuuh dududu duuh

Sorry for so little information. I am seriously going mad here haha!!


I doubt it's right, but Stay With Me by Sam Smith maybe?


there’s this song on Tik tok where the singer sounds like a girl but it’s actually a guy who sings it and he’s young and has black hair
Someone help what song is this


Could be Dimash Kudaibergen - he has an incredible falsetto voice.

Diego Pinero

I'm looking for a rap song that goes like:

Baby so amazing,
got me thinking that i'm crazy

Something along the lines of that,i dont know


I'm looking for a song that i heard on youtube video called "Tamia's Captain Tryout Solo"... The third song of the video specifically


I’ve heard this song on AltNation on SiriusXM a few times in recent months. The middle of the song goes to an answering machine or phone and you hear a woman answer Hello? And the male singer and the woman start to sing together.

Hina Oken

I'm looking for a song pls help me beautiful peoples but all I have is broken lyrics as well "no I'm not gonna sleep today I'm gonna look through my window on this spring or summer day n will write a letter thinking about you looking through my window" it's an old song I heard it in like 2008 I guess pls help been looking for this song for few yrs now still no result pls help me 😥


Hi, i'm looking for a song with these lyrics, " when i hear your voice i know i will be ok" the other lyrics sounds like the guy is singing in French if m not mistaken


Im trying to find a song who spelled some letters and then said something like "mr bean", i heard that song on 90's please anyone knows?


Hey i'm looking for a song. Chorus was sung by a children chorus ( similar like in brick in the wall song). The lyric was something like that :" ...Follow me..follow me.. it not too late.... let you dawn.....". I Know it's hard.


I’m looking for an old Christmas song that was sung by a woman.

It starts with ‘the holly, the (something) the (something) the tree, The kids reading stories on grandfathers knee”
.....,(can’t remember)
“That’s the spirit of Christmas,
 we try to surprise one another, it’s better to give than receive. So why don’t we just give each other, the faith to be strong and believe’
‘The faint far of sound of children at play, the (something something ) of bells on a sleigh, the love of a man who was born on this day, that’s the spirit of christmas’


hey, im looking for the song old man thinking about the relationship. at some point, he says " because women love stroger then men" its about differentiating how men and women vary in love


Can someone help me? I'm looking for this song but couldn't find anything
"You don't even know my name but you are still blowing me away I remember you either even no longer you knew me if I close my eyes then you are all that I can see"


Looking for a song I heard somewhere in a video on YouTube but can't find it. It's sung by a female and the lyrics are like

Never loved being lost/felt like this
I just wanna live inside your cares
I know every controls of your mouth
Until it leaves me no way out
I'm hallucinated
So high....
Can anyone help me with finding the name of the song and singer as well?


There’s this song I can’t find in a girls voice that goes something like “i keep staring at the way she’s worth something something oh oh oh I’m in l o o ove” I think


Hey guys,

hope you can help me out.
There is a song stuck in my head - but next to the melody its more the catchy chorus that sticks.

Its a pop-song, female artist, uptempo, released prob 2
I m not sure about the words but something like:

"So talk to me (talk to me)
You dont have to die for me (die for me)."
And this scheme is repeated again with other words whereas the last part of the sentence is repeated.


Hello, what is this song?
"i once told you are all i have now you say i am acting crazy"
I heard it in a store.
Thank you!!


I need help the song goes something like this
"First we smoke weed untli getting high, then we fuck somebody ...."
I am thinking there is something with ROCK in tittle


I heard a small clip of a song from 90 day finance and it said. Take you time with me I am fragile. Take your time and hold on to every moment. I want to remember all of you.

Nelson E

Looking for a song, but the only parts I remember and not in any particular order are:

"I use comedy to Hide ...."
"Write a song for a girl who I dont even talk"
"I would tell you to accept me but this is not me"
"In a party I wasnt Invited..."

manoela carl

hi, i´m looking for a song, with beats that only says "electro house", can't remember the name of this song, and can´t find it, and i thinks that it was a little bit unknown. if anyone knows this song, i aprecciate the help!!! :)


I’m looking for the song called i don’t know what it is if you think about me about boys or outer boys? But I can’t find it! Iv heard on Jazz.

Ethan Neil smith

" i come at night thats a lie you and i will grab a while" no idea about the name just wondering please

Dominique Witherspoon

i'm looking for the song feeling some kind of way lyrics by kylie cantrall

Samael Hoppe

Okay, so, I’m trying to find this one song. It’s a male singer, kind of a whispery voice for some of the song. It has a few lyrics I’ve been remembering: “i had a dream it wasn’t you, ooo~”, “Just say what you want to say, I’m serious and i’m just afraid”, and “you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know”. Any help would be much appreciated!

Owen Grace

i am looking for a song and the lyrics are i like im feeling great like the sultan hop inside a pain watch inside pain listen baby

Frustrated fool

Hey, I'm looking for a song that the only lyrics i remember are along the lines of "he took her to the dance, (possibly said raped her) killed her. But boys will be boys." It was sung by a woman. If you can find this I'd be ever so grateful!


Looking for an acoustic song with a female singer that goes something like this: “ I was thinking bout the moon, I was thinking bout the things I do for you, I do for you/ I do, I do.”
Pretty sure it was on YouTube, thanks.

Kurt Hoskins

I need help. I'm trying to find a rap song/love song where the guy is asking her how she feels about the situation and if she's okay with it. I'm going crazy trying to find it.


The song I’m looking for has a line that sounds like ‘on the/of the prebbie’. Can you help please?

Iruka Juliaf

Pls am looking for a song as one of the sound tracks in a Runaway movie with this lyrics, walking down the street my pain will go away.......


i heard this song thats sung by a girl and she says something like, when we met at midnight and did all the dirty things, its very energetic and not romantic, please help


I'm looking for a song with a similar lyrics but I can't find on Shazam or Google
Lyrics from the middle I think are :

I thought we'd reached a higher place
but now I wish I listen to my soul
I don't want to drop it all...
SoI held it on my ... shake
I hope you think about the things that you did
I gave it everything until my heart break
But you always take
you always take
From me
And I try my best
To honestly believe
That maybe you change
Maybe you try
To be something different
But that was a lie
It's over now so watch me as I go
Cause I was better on my own

Avery McKinney

Help me find a song?! It’s a new country song I heard on the Highway the other day about a guy who breaks a girls heart and feels bad about it. Thought it was called “What does that make me?” or “Break her heart but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thank you for the help!


i'm looking for a song starting with a drum beat and a static female voice says "money gets you so high".


heyy i need to find a song that goes jennifer i wanna show you love. but it’s not by jennefier lopez. i can not find it anywhereeeee.


Looking for a song with the title "dentence me to hard labor with a knife"


I’m looking for a Nigerian song I don’t know the artist but if I recall well there was a line like “you no baff you say you baff up”


i'm looking for a song (lul) i think it's old 1990-2000 like a disco trance vibe something with a cool sax and girl singing something (might be wrong)like "and if we'll be together and day and night (something something dunno ..) don't wanna say goodbye say goodbye now comes the saxophone part again

Please let me know if u got something:(

mark butterfield

Looking for a song from mid-80's
Male singer, guitar led,
"Its hard to be so humble, my whole life is absurd,
you try to make me stumble, trip me up with my own words
but i wont do the things you want me to, now i'm up here looking down on you
Somethign something something
Trickles through your fingers just like sand"

JK jacks

There is a song I've tried to such on Google but I don't know the name of that song and the chores somehow goes like this,freak falling lova something like that and this song could be from 80s or even 90s I don't know,any ideas?


Not sure of the lyrics, but it's an 80's pop song (Euro pop?). Male singer and repeats singing '.......won't you peter' or something similar. Then sings louder '.......never really let me down' or similar. Been bugging me and I'll buy you a beer if you can get if from that! Thank you.


I am looking for the song with lyric "I can feel the wind on my neck try to tell me something" by a guy vocal.

Chelsea Rodrigue

I'm looking for a song from a metal/rock band with lead female, starts something like "I think I really really need to get fucked up!"

Felipe Herrera

Can someone lyric "Since you've been gone" - Blue Magic? I don't speak English so it's kinda hard for me to understand everything the song says :((


by the group Rainbow?

Felipe Herrera

By the group Blue Magic

Felipe Herrera

It's not a famous song, so I can't find the lyrics anywhere :((


I heard a song on dream TV in Turkey,A complete English albums in that channel.That song by popular singer but I seriously dont remember that song...but that song in between instead of lyrics it has music which is like a husky noise chorus like beep beep beep and a line.....I dont know how to ask but it's pretty sure it's a recent ends with some smooth melodious word so long or young .....

sally smith

Hi, Please help. I may use this as a wedding song.

I am looking for a song that has a female singer ( a little like Taylor Swift). The entire song reminds me of "Lover".

it is a very simple song about a couple jumping in lake, he wraps a blanket around her, they go for coffee till it gets cold, they watch people walking by, maybe on their own rooftop. Something about a special occasion ( but it isn't really)

Clay Hunter

I'm looking for a very dramatic pop song that I used to listen to as a kid. Goes something like "if I could go back and change what I've done" or "what I did" something like that. As a kid it made me think of the 3rd star wars movie if that helps lol.


The reason - Hoobastank

Quentin Richard

I need some help please.

It's a song from between 2005 and 2012 I think. A girl loses a stuff on the floor and thenget in a car, and then a guy is doing some parcour to chase for her to give it her back. The lyrics must have something like "you're gonna give.. - something" I don't really remember. A little of techno too.



looking for a song like a club song bass house techno. In the opening was like " Take it - Dom Dolla" but some girl sing ohhhhhhhhhh ohhh ohh oh ohh ohh oh and some part of the lyrics was " you got me beg don't ya" " i miss your dirty dance " i don't remember quite likely my bad ... thanks for helping y'all


dont ya thì phải


I am looking for a song that has a male and female singer. And it goes like “whatever the guy raps” and then there is the female singer that sings “I love it when your calling me baby” and then the man raps again and the female sings “only when I’m with you baby” and it goes on like that for the chorus. Lol please help me find the song


Song about a guy meeting a girl in a bar and at the end as they leave he orders a drink “I said make it two she said no thanks I said its not for you”. It has kind of a country vibe.

Help me

Looking for an alternative song , came out 2015-2018 I think , think it was called ghosts not sure they played it a lot on the radio .

Please help

Whats the name if the song

I can get up get up your on my heart ooooh, on my heart oooh, on my heart ooog, i can get up get up your on my hear!


I am song having the chorus of you miss heaven you'll cry with but Id you miss heaven you'll cry


An old song that goes something like *yes i love her*, it used to be pretty popular, slow and has guitar\bass in it

As k remember it used to be overplayed alot on radio


Hi guys! Looking for a rock song, with lyrics something like "I see you're looking like a lonely..." I know you've never looked so good"
if you came across it, please help


i am looking for a disco music of late 90's the chorus sounds like " dobido bido, baby baby you, boggie boggie boom , join the party" not sure with the lyrics though. please help


Gunna try this way since google didnt help lol.. So im looking for a song (obviously, i know)
Its an oldie 2005-2012 era
The part in my head that i think i remember is
"dooont i keep you in the gucci,
dooont i keep you in the good shit"
but im not sure if those are the exact words at the end i jus remember the "doooont i keep you" part. I know its sung by a popular black male artist, jeremih or trey songz come to mind but nothing came up by them just googling.. And i remember part of the beat at the end.. Bare with me as i describe it lol.. Every piece of description helps!
Ok so its hip-hoppy but repetitive
"dur DUR dur DUR dur DUR dur"
Kinda sing it when you say it
Start lower pitched(for the lowercase dur) then higher pitched(uppercased dur) but in the sound of like electric piano or something.. Idk plz help. I tried.


Looking for a song ..sung by a girl.... 70/80 music i thing

everything seems out of place
this morning ...... an ordinary face
so we _____ just let it go you say hi and i say hello
its a little lonely but it will be the only
thing that isnt perfect i can say it wont be regret
of the million faces you are the one i just cant forget

dont you worry i am on your side ..ho o ho o ho o o o
wont you ____ ____ ____ broke his heart

Help please.


I'm looking for a pop/electronic song sung by a female, lyrics are - your eyes are rolling back
Thanks in advance for trying to help me find it!


Hi guys, I am desperately tryna find a song which goes like:

"do you take road trips star ships thousands of times, do you color the crayons outside the lines,
do you have secrets buried i'll never find, then you might feel like me
Are you a blue sky turning to purple and grey,
Do you hear music inside, no one can play right notes on --- sending far far away,
then you might feel like me
Yeah, you might feel like dancing somewhere in the clouds
you might feel like you'll never ever come down"


I'm trying to find one from about 84 to 87 that was slowing, male vocal and went something like "hold me just dont tell me that you're back again...hold into me your fingers up an md down my skin"


won't you say i am wrong cause i didn't plan to stay this long
and i just might give in but he might bash my head in
if i call out your name will he send me to outer space
to return out to be the screw up of the century
how do you refuse something you want.
please help me find this song


A song sung by a female artist that sounds desperate (monotone, like depressed, not sad).
-You often hear her talking about a certain she
-She often repeats i will make you believe believe etc.
-One line is something along the lines of this: What if she used to be liked...
-You can also hear her repeating "before its too late"
-It has quite a pleasing beat to it, not sad at all.
I really appreciate everyone's efforts, even though I know that it is really hard finding songs by such vague explanations, im honestly sorry.


I’m looking for a song , it’s probably around a 2000 or so type of song the song only lyric I can remember is “one for the money” it goes on two for something and you get it
Please help me

Marian C

Hi! I'm searching for a song which sounds like "We get it low" and then is starting to sing a girl! And also has a stunning beat...


take your time and hold on to every moment i want to remember all of you

Tarf Muhsin

Please helpp!!
“Smile, like its the last [word]
Smile, like it’s your last [word]
Smile, like it’s your last conversation” not sure about the “conversation” part lol. And then he also says “just smile, ...”
I think that’s the chorus. It could be a christmas song, idk it feels pretty “cozy”. I think there’s some guitar in the background and the song is pretty old and sung by a male. It could be a song from glee, or a movie. And when he says smile, he kinda extends it so its like: just smileee tututututu. The male has a pretty deep voice. Please help this has been on repeat in my head for hours.

Laura Tang

Hello guys,
I'm looking for a 🔊

It's a pop electro song (from 2012-2015 I think)

The sound is like : da da dada da da dada dada

It's a band (with a little female voice), they say : "Look around just like..." / "I hope that you... memories"


Jaroslav Kaša

Pls help i am looking for love song i think its from 80's or 70's its sing by female group all i remember the chorus is: ,,love loooove ( something something) love loooove (its love loooove or maybe love ohhhh ahhh) and after this is solo tu tu tu tuuuu tu. If you have any ideas pls help thnx a lot :)


I am looking for a few very different musical things:.
 #1 I have been searching for the name of this brass instrumental song that probably was released in the late 1960s.
 I was even at a music focus group once and they played a clip of it but could not tell me any more about it.
#2 I am searching for the name of this artist/vocalist I used to hear over Muzak type systems in the 1980s.
He could be considered a smooth jazz vocalist. I know he did a really mellow version of "Let It Snow." He had this mellow ethereal style.
#3 An early 2000's rock band with a guitar player who used a lot of effects (guitar very wet sounding) and they sort of sounded like Coldplay a bit.
Cant find that.


"I already told you once I dont need to tell you twice...." Bizarre song! Female singer. Cleverly crafted tune.
Used to play it in Starbucks. 20012-ish.

A7me5 fa11

I wanna this song please 😭👆

Hubert Miller

Heard this in grocery store Dec. 2019: male singer, modern rock / pop, lyric something like "I have been down, but i was not broken...." That line was repeated several times, may be in the chorus. No leads via Google!


I’m looking for a song that I think was written by someone on YouTube years and years ago, extremely sad song about a guy who watched his brother shoot himself. All I remember is the ending of the song counting down from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then heavy strumming with “brother what have you done, brother what have you done?”

red gabriel sarreal

I'm looking for the song that used on Degrassi las vegas promo i heard a lyrics that say 'you are the love of the party, don't stop cause we're getting started ' it's an emo song I still can't find it


Looking for a song.
Kinda American Authors style.
The only lyrics i caught were
(Im so?) High(hi?)-i-i-i-i
Does anyone have any sort of idea?


Can't find this song anywhere with the lyrics. Part of them goes like this:

There are 5 years to go...
There are 20 years to go, many friends at home
You're the truth, not I

Kimberly Burkel

2000's song

Please Help me find a song! I'm looking for a dance ish (tiesto, oakenfold) song with lyrics "Here in the sunshine, baby".


Pls help I want the name of the song in movie 'the gameplan' Dwayne johnson2007 it sing like 'You try look at me' it rock music but its on mp3 in movie just appear in short time can anyone help me

Christopher ahiage

Im looking for a song sang in a video tittled, he never knew i was billionier pretending to be blind.... and the lyrics goes like this( this kind of loving is not what you promised me, cant you see im all alone

Te Amo

Omg I'm looking for a song that was played at my work. It goes something like:
"Just stay here", you told me,
So that I won't be lonely
Just lay here, you told me
So that I won't be lonely
Make voice, indie kinda sound with a hint of EDM.


all i know is its about summer and losing a friend And the only maby lyrics are 'now the laughs and drinks are gone it time to say goodbye' Its from around 1990s. And cant fine anything any ideas


Hi. I'm looking for a song with following lyrics "Na na I'm dying" is a rap/trap song with male singing then a female vocal


I'm looking for a song with a female(!) singer. The lyric "Heaven and Hell were words to me" is often repeated als it's a very slow, soft song. I know Hozier has a song with the same name, but it's not that and it isn't a cover either, I think.
I'd be VERY grateful for any help!


I'm looking for a song with a female singer. The phrase "Heaven and Hell were words to me" is repeated often and it's a very quiet, very soft song.
I know Hozier has a song with the same name and lyrics, but I don't think it's a female cover.
I know it's not much but I'd be VERY grateful for any help!


I'm looking for a song by a male which ends every phrase with roll it or something like that.I hear it every time in my car at radio.


I am looking for a song with the lyrics :"got a new school but it don't think its good its a school through visits a school thought break it down break it down lyrics im gonna get a no one". I found it in a you tube series called MyStreet Side Stories specifically the episode Hottest Girl On The Block.

song lover

help guys, looking for a song done by a female artist, it's an old love song i guess,
Lyrics "intermittent" :
"everytime i hold you"
"no one can take your place"
"you're my anchor"

Sydney rose

I'm looking for a song that I dont think is very common. It sounds like it's from the 30s or 40s, it has the crackling noises in it as if its played on a record player.
It's about radio becoming popular, goes something along the lines of this:
"Theres a great sensation... today we know, everyone is talking and fooling with radio.."
"Not your average telephone I just want one of my own.."
The singer is Male.
This song was my dads ringtone and he recently passed away and cant find this song anywhere. Please help.

Kain Wei

I am looking for the music song by a female singer. Low speed , soothing, with a lot of slow and light go go go go ...
And there is some words like: let me go, let you know


I've been searching this song that i heard from the radio. The lyric that i heard is something like " I love you but you ... Me ..., and you ... ... ..." the singer was a male with a soft voice and already a mature. I hope i'll find this song and also i need your help. Thx

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