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Hello i want to know the name of the song i dont kw the exact lyrics but by hearing its something like- oh oh oh when i become your man i may call you hardly now could you please say songs that do move along me. Thanks in advance

Rose hello

"tears come from the heart and not from the brain. you're tearing me apart like its your game. cause love was supposed to be this magic thing. but the only thing it gave me was pain" that is a part of the lyrics


Tears come the heart by Jon Caryl


Hi, Im searching for a song saying " I know only one country, your body, I have only one sin.." Please help me >.<

Bellingtone khai

Looking for a song, sang by two ladies it's rnb type,starts with and ends with ohh ohh ohh ohh .I don't know so much about the lyrics.i wish if this information will help you to find it.


try Chloe and Halle - ungodly hour??

Uzuh Fedinard

Am looking for I gave you many chance you lied ,because I love you I dey cry...
Someone should help I love the music


can anyone help me find this song??? it’s a rap song “tight dress cause you know that you like that... you and me you my best friend” been stuck in my head but google is no help lol i’m turning to this site!!


Looking for a rock/metal song with funk elements. Extremely obscure, found it on youtube and then lost. These are the lyrics to the chorus "Stayyyyy upside down / Stayyyyy inside out / Stayyyy upside down / It's you I'm begging"

Pat R.

Hi, I am looking for a song title and artist of song, lounge kind of music. The singer is a female. Here is the main part:

Don't waste your time with me
I'm half crazy can't you see
I'm frozen in my fantasy
So... This death and burn of mine (mind?)


Pat R.


Last line is " This death and birth of mine (mind?)"

vivian kaufman

I'm trying to find the name of a black play that I saw years ago. There was a song in the play with words like, it should have been me standing in front of you Lord. The lady was standing before a cross singing it after someone close to her had died.


Hi I’ve been searching for weeks for a song I’ve always heard but never know what it’s called. It’s around the 70s or 80s.. a band. Kinda sounds like “the eagles” band. Can’t really remember the lyrics but something like “one more to find, 3 more to go”
& sings “oooooh” I’m hoping someone can know what song I’m talking about. It’s been bothering me for weeks.


WELL here is a long shot since apparently this artist is not .... OUT there or whatever and Shazaam can't find it.

I'm looking for the name of the artist + song with these lyrics: (This song is holding music for bath and body works by the way)

"gotta make time in this crazy world every boy every girl Whatever you need if you believe
in it enough it will be. Open your eyes I don't care what anyone says you're here live your dreams."

that was all I got out of the holding music.


Hello! I’m looking for a pop song. I remember listening to it 2014 to 2016. It could be older but no older than 2001 for sure. I remember a few lyrics of the chorus. It was a woman singing.

Skin to skin (inspire/respire)
Skin to skin tonight
Skin to skin together
We can do it right.
Please help!


was it skin to skin
parm to parm
check to check
we where always just that close?
if so i think the name of the song is can Callafonia King Bed

April James

I'm trying to find the name of the song/artist for these lyrics: "Give me everything you said you would. You could run away but all your words will stay put (...) running around my mind. If I had a dollar for every single time I heard you say something like this don't worry babe I'll be there soon."

Onyenemere Genevieve

It is not your fault. You owe me nothing at all. But I'd wish you could hold me and say I'm your favorite
I am looking for the artist and title. I heard the title is Original


I think you're looking for Original by Lyn Lapid on tiktok (someone uploaded it on youtube too ) and if this isn't the one you were looking for then ignore me haha


i heard this song in a soundcloud mix. it goes like “hey you over there with trouble written all over your kinky stare.” and “you make my heart go baby baby baby tell me what you want tonight.” it’s really catchy but i can’t find it

Ricardo vd

I am looking for a song from the channel love nature 4k. Shazam is not able to find it but it goes something like: take me anywhere, take me wherever the road goes, lead me to a place full of wonders.


Alright so there was this popular song back in 2020 (jan-may i think) and one of the parts to that song was:

He started raping a few words then a background voice went ¨oooooh oooooh ( pause ) ooooo woooouh¨ and in between each ¨ooo ooo¨ the main rapper would say like 4 or sum words. Idk what he said. the oooh oooh were also about 2 seconds and 3 snap counts. then after he said 2 of them, the rapper would say the words

 The song in my guess is a recent song. Made no further than late 2018 I believe. It was also popular on tik tok. Plus, I think the music video had a bunch of dudes in a house like a kitchen and it was some fat dude ( if my memory serves me right ) Who was singing/rapping Please help me out cause its been stuck in my head for a few hours, it would mean a lot, THANKS!!! :D o7

Lexi Marie

Without me by Eminem? Im not sure but that could be it.


Hi, i am looking for a song found in Vol4 Ep9 of the series Skins (UK).
The song is played when Katie tears a photo apart (third scene at the beginning). The internet says its Lady Gaga-Brown Eyes, but it isn't.
It goes something like:

(electronic music)
I hold your (needs/knee?)
I once was (laughing/launched?)
once was enough
I will carry you home (alive/tonight?)

I'm so sorry for being vague, but because of the dialogue its really hard to hear the lyrics (+ Englis is not my first language)

Thank yall so much

Lexi Marie

Fun-ft Janelle Monae - We are young....i believe thats it, im not positive though. Sorry if its wrong.


unfortunately not, but thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it

Hudson Stelamk

Can anyone help me find a song it’s stuck in my head it’s a really fast paste song and you can’t hear most of the words but you can hear
Now don’t freak out, and I feeeeel so good
That’s all I remember rn please help it’s a pretty famous song I think

Rachel Bakojja

Can you please help me find a song. It's a gospel song it goes like... Call out my name and i'll come running, call out my name and I'll be there no matter where or when you need me call out my name and lll be there

B Marie

You may be thinking of Carole King's song, You've Got a Friend.


Ain't No Mountain High Enough by The Supremes...maybe??

Elijah Baer

Glorious day-passion if I am right


Hi, If you go on youtube and type "Daunte Wright Waving Gun on Video", what song is he listening to that's playing in the background? Thank you

Travis Could someone please tell me the name of the song and artist playing in the background of this video. Thank you

Sarah Ajobiewe

Does anyone know this song and the person who sang it; "am in love and it's working all over me love so sweet baby come take me away but if you go leave me let me know'


I'm looking for a song and these are some of the lyrics:

If I wasn't me Id probably be you

the thought of new york city art schools makes my stomach hurt, can you let the doctor check under your shirt

can you hear the train from your bed at night

Daniella V Miranda

Looking for a song that a woman sings, and on the chorus ends with, "know that I need you."

Artist sounds so much like the person who sings Mad at Disney during these lyrics: cause I felt sad love
I felt bad love.

This song was popular within the last 5 years. Please and thank you.


I need the song


I searched for this again on youtube but never found it.

Anyone who knows please help me. This is a fragment of the lyrics

"hey you give me a clue do i make a move tell me baby what you wanna do"


Hi, I m looking for 90's song and it is copy of Hassan Jahangir hit album HAWA HAWA with same tune, the lyrics is something like feeling honey o honey, now let me tell today, tell me how far she live. Something like that, so plz help me where I can get this song and who is the singer or name of album

Sarah Ajobiewe

Am looking for a song with this lyrics: "am in love and it working all over me, love so sweet baby come take me away but if you go leave me let me know


Anyone knows this song? A girl sang it on TikTok, and it goes like this:
„life isn’t quite what i thought itd be when i used to dream of future me.i thought when i got to Highschool im gonna be so cool“
I already typed that in on google but i don’t get a result:(

Mia Schulz

i’m pretty sure this is wilbur soots song ‘ your new boyfriend’ but with different lyrics in place

Elijah Baer

If I am right that is Wilbur soot your new boyfriend


Am looking for a song that goes like this I gotta so much money yeah I never see been to many places that I never seen sang by a Jamaican singer maybe busy signal but I don’t the name of the song? Pls help me.


Hello, i only know how music video of the song looks and that it was used for some car ad? Black and white, two lesbian woman taking a shower, angels of death, general erotic and sad tone.

Alexander Dischert

Hey. Can anyone help me by the search from this song. I believe it's coming in the 2000s and I believe it's coming from Jason Mraz. And I hear, or understand in the Song (you'll see all aaaaall but haven't good time i'm never gonna be i'm mean it). Can anyone help me.

4:16, What's the name of that song ?

Nicholas Flynn

Anyone the song from the Kayak advert that sponsors Pick TV. Some of the lyrics "I wanna go somewhere beautiful, I wanna go somewhere brand new where I can be beautiful too" Female vocals with a piano?

Laura-Beth Mchale

Did you find out

Nicholas Flynn

Nope, I've looked everywhere I can think of, but nothing ☹️


Somewhere - oktoba ft Laura greaves

Parker Gruschke

Looking for a song I heard on the radio today. Its a male and female duet. The female comes in with the lyrics "we're so much older now and nothing can bring us down, I wanna hold you tight". It's something along those lines. More of a country song but was played on a rock station. Any help would be appreciated truly.


Could it be ‘Making Up for Lost Time’? by Gary Morris and Crystal Gayle

Tom Ritter

Shes a teasa that girl a teasa song


M looking for a song that is playing in a Nigerian drama " who loves me" where Majid Michel and Jakie Appiah were husband and wife.i don't remember the lyrics but I love the song too much.


I’m looking for this song
I heard it on Spotify, found it on the discover weekly page last year and now I cannot find it.
It’s called “Blue” but I don’t know the artist.
It’s a female and it’s a very slow, piano type ballad
Some of the lyrics are

“I’m blue.. on Wednesday’s and thursdays too,
Cause something about this room.. reminds me of you.
Tell me whose coffee you wake up too,
Breakfast in bed for you. Baby tell me who”

“Does she sing for you? Like I sing for you... oh woah oh oh”

It’s driving me NUTS.


Looking for a punk band song with lyrics tucking scaghead


I need help with a song I heard back in 2003ish.
Female singers
“Why you wanna try and (insert word idk what she said) you wanna run around and talk behind my back, then you turn around and try to talk to me, you act like nothings wrong tell me what’s up with that? Friends keep coming up to me they say you’re telling all my business girl you wrong. Thought you’d be down with me I shoulda known it all along”
“shoulda seen it in the way you lie, you know that it wasn’t right, I thought that you were my best friend.”


 ⊂   /   ・゜+.
 しーJ   °。+ *´¨)
    .· ´*

Hello! Im looking for a song with lyrics that says:
"I love you more and more
 It's you that I adore
 Oh darling can't you see"

Its mellow
From an american band MAYBE
1950s i think


Can't take my eyes of off you by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons


😭 thank u very much for helping but unfortunately it's not😭

Delia Degilio

I have these lyrics. Not sure if a couple of the the words are right. Hard to hear, could be R N B
I need merit i need cards/ cars
Straight to the heart
This is the place to show
I need you to know

jonathan dubief

hey guys im looking for a song where someone says "hey lil shorty find my rori" its a rap song but i forgot thr name


Hi…I’m looking for a song the lyrics I can make out were “do you remember me…yeah you should’ve stuck to rap I can see my mom crying” I think the title of the song is Short Film but I don’t know who’s the rapper


I am trying to find a song by a tik tok artist it's a dude that sings it I think it says "I hope u part 1" on the top text the last words of the song were something like "I hate you because i love you" or something like that.


Would you please help me figure out what the song is in the background of this clip? I've tried searching up the lyrics and can't find it anywhere. Please ignore the text to speech that's loud in this! This is the link to the clip


The lyrics from an episode on 7th heaven that matt's friend renee sing on season episode 2 at the end in church "I see an angel it has spread its wings above my head and my heart, the joy and love around me" if someone can tell me the name I would greatly appreciate thanks!

Okoye Ebubechukwu

Hey, please I need the soundtrack of the 2020 nollywood series “Gifted”
The lyrics I can deduce from what I can hear
“raindrops never ending heartburn, loneliness is my only friend keeps dragging me down to the deep skyfalls my world goes trapped in the cage with nothing to fear.


1. My struggle by Dekumzy
2. Torn into pieces by spackle produced by Dekumzy

Andrew Danladi

Nollywood tv series Gifted
1. My struggle by Dekumzy
2. Torn into pieces by spackle produced by Dekumzy

Amedu Esther

I'm looking for a song I heard in a movie,dunno the title but part of the lyrics goes like this; "take it easy on yourself, it's alright if you ask for help...."

qT roACh <3

Does anyone know this song that goes like:

"iMMa NEed thOse eYEs ~"
"foCusINg on mE ~"

That's all I remember Lmao ;-;
I feel like alec benjamin sings it-


Sacrifice-Bebe Rexha


my mother's eyes or sacrifice by rihanna


Hello, I’m looking an R&B song sang by maybe a black group or one black man. My mom used to play it in the car. It is a slow pace romantic song.

   Lyrics I can remember : “Tryna find my wayy to a place I never beeen”
“i’m so in loveeeee—with you”


Al Greene- close to you?


Im looking for a song that sys ´tell me what's the hold up baby tell me why your phones off lately i don't wanna go all crazy but I think im losing it ¨ \, and its by a girl. Its at the end of one of trav and cors videos


hey! I heard a song a week ago and I'm looking for the song! it's a guy rapping I believe and he's saying something like trapdoor? or rap? floor? cash flow? something with a long o and then something like ra da da da. It's upbeat, noise, bass, and then there is a quick screech or alarm sound at the end. it kinda sounds like a computer warning or error sound. thanks! :)


Floor Seats - A$AP Ferg ?


im looking for a song that was sung by a girl and the last part of the chorus went like " ...good for me! .... good for you then!" in like a high shouting singing voice. can anyone help me identify it. i think it was a recent song between 2020 to 2021


I know the lyrics a bit. I only signed up for one night, not knowing there was a big fright. I thought I was alone looking out for people getting in im bored. It's a FNaF song, can someone help me?


Anyone know this song (the lyrics aren't 100% correct)
and you know that i'm a mess
put the gun up to my finger
hold the gun up to my chest
make me feel again


Voices in my Head - Lil Bear ?


yes yes yes!! you're the best person ever thank you so much.


Looking for a song with the lyrics “you can never say whatchu want to me, why we do this every day day day day day, girl you wanna play play play play play, no matter whatchu say say say say say”
Male singer, it’s been stuck in my head for such a long time but I can’t find it


Is it " I just want to make you sweat"

Elijah Baer

There is a TikTok song that I have stuck in my head it goes like this “I’ve been with you for much too long, I’ve been with you for much too long” if you could tell or like send me a link to the I would love it.

Elijah Baer

“Whatcha say” and if I am right it has Jason Derulo

Jacob newman

A song that is similar beat to brother in the night by the weeks. The course goes something like ohh rushing man why won’t you or smth.

Amy Ruffle's song

This song is from mako mermaids but I can't find it anywhere :( It's by Amy Ruffle and the name is "There's a Spell on You"
"It's not so blue
Put your arms around me
Imma fly away with you
There's a spell on you, my baby
'Cause my world, is called "miss you"
Cast a spell on you, my darling
You'll be back with me real soon
There's a spell on you my baby
You'll be back with me real soon
Back with me soon"


I'm looking for a song that's called ´blue´ without lyrics but I cant seem to find it.


Love Is Blue by Paul Mauriat (instrumental from the 60s)

Josephine Kings

I heard this song on TV in a program called docu insight and the lyrics goes like this
We're are all alone if you think idly of it but we're still together you did well I'll protect you until you disappear so please could help me out with this song


i'm looking for this song about 34 minutes into this: , it sounds like old school hip hop, and it sounds like they're saying something among the lines of "gather round, ladies and gentlemen, i hope that you listen" "15 minutes of fame" "i got big dreams" but other than that i can't figure out what they're saying... and i can't seem to find any song with these lyrics that i hear, does anyone know? please help me out, thanks<3

Jonna Erfe

This so good. Highly recommended. 👋👋👋 Thank you.


I’m looking for the song that goes like “I cant hide the fact that im still by myself i think im asking too much“
It’s playing in the background on “sad nibbah hr” at this link

Eric Boniface

Hello, am in search of both the lyrics song" love is the passion need the most" and the artist name. can someone help?


I heard a song from "the way we were Chinese drama" But
I can't find it anywhere, it's some lyrics was like
" You can tell by the way you want,
Now I know what you came here for,
So tell me now if you still don't care,
So burn me now,
I can take you higher,
Let's shake it out..."

Hoodie Sj

I’m trying to find this song it goes like reminiscing bout the time when you hurt me no i cant hide the fact that i been hurting i bern hurting for so long.
And no it’s not it’s you by the original artist

Veronica Pienaar

I'm looking for a song by a female artist I wish all your ex girlfriends were dead... The name of the artist and song please?


is it 'all your exes' by julia micheals?

Epic Music

Most of the sites I have used and develop musical sites, It looks like amazing, I love it.

May Manalo

Hi I'm looking for a song with these lyrics:
I'm breaking hearts with my rock and roll but you keep me on my toes


Hi guys do you know this song goes like this

Hard break up I don't need anyone else I can take ya i kinda like it how you lose it on me


Okay so this song is playing during the end credits of Season 1 Episode 6 of “The L Word”. The Episode is called “Losing it”. I have tried googling the lyrics and using Shazam but I can’t find it for the life of me. It’s a female vocalist. If anyone recognizes this, help.
“Find a way to find out
What’s really true.
I’d give everything I got
Wouldn’t give it a second thought
If only I could try to explain
To try to explain.
I was too deaf to hear your voice
And it felt like I had no choice”

Chief X

I've been trying to find a song I saw in a video. It goes "hop out explodin'. I got my bank and they know tt. She tryna post me a photo but I want nothing to do with it." Anyone know it?


Promo adv on Investigation discovery (ID) channel, female singing, slow with electronical elements (it's in the background, so not sure)
Lyrics (i hear)
if i could change your world... Things are not as/what they/as (they) seeeeeeem

Omg, anyone?


Hi I'm looking for this song and I heared this as a background song on IG stories it's with "i'm in love with the good times that's why i'm always chasing her vibes"


who knows the song ohoh oh it happened again, i stayed for too long and now it is happening


Hi I have a song in my head and I really want to know which song that was. I think that this song was published in the early 2000s or late 90s and is a Hip Hop, Rap/RnB song. The only lyrics I memorize is that someone with an edited high pitched voice sings:
"I, I, I, I miss you in my sleep/dreams."



~ each time i sleep by my window, i remember what I did for you, and now you are with someone new, I can't but I have to forget you ~


I need this song lyrics goes
Stars stars of eternity only you yes you my dear makes me dream


Anyone know a song that goes ... act a little crazy with my baby listen to a little reggae.... something like that?


Hi. I am looking for a song. The lyrics goes like this

"do you know that tomorrow the sun gonna shine? do you believe in me baby... then you know that tomorrow will be alright... now and forever that's what you said... do you believe this love forever?"

Song title: do you know

YouTube and Google couldn't help me

Any idea?

Rose ;)

I need help! So there is this song that I’ve been trying to find for so longgggg! It goes like this “Looks like it’s the two of us tonight baby it’s not the two of us for life” and also has the lyrics “girl I got problems baby girl I got problems baby girl you can’t solve them no”

I had it on my playlist before but one day it just disappeared and I can’t find it again. ❤️


I'm looking for this song please help , it goes but I'm helpless selfish I can't remember and then the beat drops and it goes like I don't wanna talk I've been.... and I can't remember the rest.

Lisa Rassi

It's like the song never existed can anybody out there help me. Only remember part of the song but it goes like...... You hit the club with the rims in the bang dress clean you piece new chain pulling hoes in you getting real tipsy of the x and the Hennessy.... Something like that.

Christine Jane

on my mind you and i on my mind don't wanna lay you ready but if i do i'll make it up to you ooh girl


Looking for a song with the lyric I have no choice but to keep still you said that you’d come and I know you will. It was a female singer if I recall

A. Sheree

What's that song it comes on the radio and it's sung by a male and he said something clouds soothing flowers but I can't thing of ittt


Trying to find the sample of the woman singing in "LIED TO ME" by your best friend jippy on Beat Tape 23, I've looked for about an hour now and can't find it.


I need to find this song “this is as far as we goo, this is the end of the roadd, carry mee dhehw (I forgot from then)”. It is from a female singer, and she sounds like Lady Gaga from Shallow, ish.

Kyle W

Looking for a song/music video seen on UK YouTube ads recently. No title on the ad. Video starts with a middle aged man eating in his car when people in high rez jackets walk by into the forest. Then they’re seen using exercise bikes in the forest and he eventually joins. “I’ll keep it coming if you want some” is the only bit I can remember. Indie/pop rock.


I’m looking for the song in this edit; I literally offered to pay and no one got anything. Please help


look at the attitude of the original editer i bet she knows but not telling, anyways I'm trying I'll let you know if i would be able to find it🙂


I need help finding this song. The lyrics show nothing in search on google, yt, SoundCloud. Nothing. Been looking for months, nothing. The only thing I can get from the lyrics is “what’s wrong just tell me again” and “tell me what you’re thinking baby tell me how you feel”. It’s in an edit on Instagram. Help.




I tried posting the link to the edit, it didn’t get posted


Yeah I only know the lyrics "Tell me what you're thinking baby, tell me how you feel
Money in my wallet, you get money like it pal" i think I've tried so hard to find this song but nothing's coming up 🥺


I want to help but I'm also looking for that song I know the lyrics a little more than that "tell me how you feel, money in my wallet you get money like it pal" but still couldn't find it
hey would you let me know if you find it I'll do this too☺️. Thank you

neha khanna

Would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me what this song is:
... takes one to know/ I put it on for show/Misery loves company/ but it’s wrong somehow/Gone where I can’t be found/ where I can’t be found/ Misery loves company/ but it’s wrong somehow...

Garley Wile

Hey I’m looking for a song and I only know a few lyrics scattered but it goes like “Tell me..... though” then after it says something like “she” it’s like rock/alternative song I think that has a guitar solo part. It might say “tell me something though” I can’t remember


Could it be Kool Thing by Sonic Youth?


Song that SOUNDS like "The night we met" by Lord Huron but it's not. The song has a male lead singer with a female singing constant "ooo" in backround. It's a very pretty song but it's also a short song. It goes something like "III caan't let yoouu goooo"

chaima boumaaza

I'm looking for a song: "whatever you need I can be boy just call me hear me up in a ranch hoping I'll be next to you next to you ... you're my angel so I keeping your place... you're my angel I wanna be all you need ... you're my angel until you spread your're my are the one how took me up time that I was down in my Luck (then I forget the lyrics) you're my angel so I keeping your place... you're my angel I wanna be all you need ... you're my angel until you spread your're my angel...angel...whatever you need I can be boy just call me hear me up in a ranch hoping I'll be next to you next to you ... you're my angel so I keeping your place... you're my angel I wanna be all you need ... you're my angel until you spread your're my angel...angel

Susie q

I'm looking for the artist and song for this song that is an offbeat Christmas song sung by a woman and she's saying she will be nice this Christmas and you'll be naughty. One of the lines says "every year my friends get pearls and gold and all that's left under my tree are carpet stains and lumps of coal for me"

chaima boumaaza

I'm looking for a song: "whatever you need I can be boy just call me hear me up in a ranch hoping I'll be next to you next to you ... you're my angel so I keeping your place... you're my angel I wanna be all you need ... you're my angel until you spread your're my are the one how took me up time that I was down in my Luck (then I forget the lyrics) you're my angel so I keeping your place... you're my angel I wanna be all you need ... you're my angel until you spread your're my angel...angel...whatever you need I can be boy just call me hear me up in a ranch hoping I'll be next to you next to you ... you're my angel so I keeping your place... you're my angel I wanna be all you need ... you're my angel until you spread your're my angel...angel

Conrad R Jurgens

I am looking for the name of a song. The lyrics for something like this - I was old, I was young I was sitting in the sun, I was tired of the run I was done. Life was grey life was hard.


I'm looking for a song now currently on Meek Mill's story a rap it goes kinda like this

Sometimes i wish i can talk to god like do pray face to face so i can ask him why like i need answers look me in my eyes. All pride aside like how you let em take mines and leave the opps alive got me screaming f*** the other side so many questions leave me


found it "Walk in the wild"

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