Islington Kungfu charity fund raiser 2007

22 October 2007   1 comment   Kung Fu


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Islington Kungfu charity fund raiser 2007 Thank you everyone who sponsored me for this weekends Kungfu endurance challenge to raise money for the Claremont project.

A reminder... The Claremont project is a venue where old people go to for activities in Islington. Many of these people are weak and lonely and doing these activities is practically all they have to meet and socialise with people.

Unfortunately I didn't win any of the individual events of the endurance challenge but I did try my best and I'm very happy that I participated and at least tried.

Thank you all who sponsored me!!

Here are some photos from the event


Matt Grange

Hi Peter
Great photos man, really captures that vital essence of pain and agony!
(The one labelled 'Matt' just after the one of Clare and before the one of Dave is actually a photo of Paul though!)

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